Why use this RangeNearMe app instead of searching online?

RangeNearMe showing driving range nearest to current location

Essential reference for any golfer, self confessed range ninja or those who want to learn – or just have fun.

Ok, so you are asking yourself:  “Why would I use this app to find my nearest driving range rather than just searching online?”

Here’s just some of the reasons why I made it:

  1. Searching online can be a bit hit and miss, this app only includes golf driving ranges and related facilities.
  2. Online information is often out-of-date, some directories still include ranges that closed years ago.  Every range on our database has been personally reviewed by the author.
  3. Location accuracy – ever tried getting driving directions to a range directly from the web? Most online geographic locations for venues like driving ranges or golf courses put the pin in the middle of the venue, sometimes nowhere near the entrance.  Every pin on our database takes you to the driving range entrance way or car-park.
  4. Planning – you can work out whether you have time to get to the range for a session, how long you can stay there and when you can be back.
  5. Convenience – stop scrambling around for their phone number – call directly from the app. Or go directly to their website.
  6. Variety – try somewhere different than usual, with different facilities like a short game practice area, a putting green or grass tees.
  7. Entertainment  – many driving ranges have mini putt areas, some are available for kids parties.
  8. Practice and Play – find a driving range on or near a golf course.
  9. Travelling – you’re bored or you’ve got an hour or two to spare before your next flight, is there anywhere nearby you can go for a quick hit or a lesson even?
  10. Holidays  – you’re planning a trip somewhere and want to keep your game in shape.
  11. New Features – ever wondered how far those distance markers really are? GPS targeting coming soon.
  12. Love – you love golf and just have to have the best driving range directory app available in Australia & New Zealand.

Why use this RangeNearMe app instead of searching online? 1

RangeNearMe coming soon on Google Play

Coming soon on Google Play