RangeNearMe – where to practice golf in Australia and New Zealand

RangeNearMe is an app from flag19.

find your nearest golf practice driving range
Wherever you are in Australia or New Zealand, you’ll never again need to wonder where to practice golf and when you can find the time to do it.

flag19 is pleased to announce the re-launch of RangeNearMe.

RangeNearMe is a golf driving range directory app for Australia and New Zealand that automatically finds your nearest driving range and tells you how long it would take you to drive there, hit a bucket of balls and drive back to where you started, or someplace else you need to be.

You can check opening hours, hours until sunset and facility and weather information at this or any other driving range in the country.

If you are travelling or planning to travel, you can just scroll the map near your destination, hold your finger (long-press) on the map, and the app will show you all driving ranges located within a 50km radius from that point.  Browse through to see whats there. You can also add your hotel in as an alternative location.


RangeNearMe is free-of-charge, supported by relatively unobtrusive banner advertising which can be removed for a small contribution, which also allows you to save unlimited starting and ending locations 😉

Check the rest of this app website for more details.