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RangeNearMe: find driving ranges near you

1. Easily find your nearest golf driving range in Australia or New Zealand

RangeNearMe finds driving ranges near you by using your current location. Or you can set RangeNearMe to find your favourite driving range, if the nearest one to you isn’t your preferred one.

RangeNearMe coming soon on Google Play

Coming soon on Google Play

2. Search for driving ranges – anywhere in Australia and New Zealand

RangeNearMe makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.   Browse the map, drop a pin to see what’s nearby, search by name, locality or category – or scan the entire list of driving ranges available. You can search for somewhere new or different with specific features like short game facilities, grass tees, mini-putt or kids parties.

3. See how long to drive there and back

RangeNearMe estimates travel times, shows routes and provides driving range directions to and from each facility.

You can start from and return to your current location, a dropped pin, or an alternative location of your choice.

4. Set your practice session time

Choose your practice session time to see when you’re likely to get back so you can keep your other commitments.

RangeNearMe is designed to help you plan and schedule your golf practice. Practice for half an hour, four hours or until sunset or closing time. It works out how long you need overall and provides an estimated finish time.

5. Check weather and facilities

RangeNearMe includes up-to-date information about driving range facilities. Check if you can practice short game, keep the kids occupied with mini-putt, hire clubs, get a snack, or have a lesson.  See what the weather is like there with current and forecast wind speed & temperature, browse their website or get contact details.

6. Coming soon!

We’re adding:
* a Google Play version * indoor ranges * more countries* satellite flyovers * GPS distances * target tracking * tips and offers.

RangeNearMe coming soon on Google Play

Coming soon on Google Play

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