Finding the closest driving range to me

Of course the easiest, quickest and most accurate way is to use the RangeNearMe app, other less convenient ways are suggested after the below.

On your mobile – using the app:

To find the closest driving range to your current location:

  1. If you haven’t already – download the RangeNearMe app here.  Note if you’re not in Australia or New Zealand register here. If you’re on Android please sign up to be an early user for the google play version.
  2. Open the app – make sure to “Allow” it to use your location data (don’t worry it only uses your location while the app is active)
  3. It finds your current location and the closest driving range to you automatically, plus provides driving directions and estimated travel times to get there and back.
  4. It also sorts all driving ranges in order of distance from your location : to see these tap the “list icon” on the right hand side of the search bar, (if you don’t see a list then just try tapping again).
  5. You can select a range from the list – the app will reset travel times and driving directions on the main screen.
  6. To see details of the selected range – tap the basket of balls icon – or the info circle button.

You can also pinch to zoom out on the map and select another one of the closest driving ranges to you directly from the map.

To find the closest driving range to another location:

First follow steps 1-3 above. Now you can:

Quickly check using the Map:

  1. Pinch zoom or scroll the map to the location you’d like to find the closest driving range to;
  2. Long-press (i.e. touch and hold your finger down) on the map
  3. A green circle will appear which shows all the driving ranges within 50km of that location
  4. It will select the closest and allow you to browse through each of them
  5. You can always get back to the driving range closest to your current location by selecting it from the “…nearest range is” bar).
  6. Note that all driving directions and time estimates using this method will be calculated using the location you selected, which might not be in a populated area or near a road or safe place to stop. Please use common sense and caution and double check this first. Once you have selected the driving range you want, you can enter a precise starting and returning location by following these steps.)


Search by locality:

  1. type the locality (general area) in the search box and press search, if nothing appears try a more general locality
  2. a list of golf driving ranges tagged with that locality will appear
  3. select the range you want.


On your mobile or desktop – using the web:

Before continuing make sure you really want to do this!

You can check our list of driving ranges in Australia & New Zealand.

If you’re on your mobile just search for “nearest driving range”, and if you’re on a desktop do the same – make sure you allow the browser to access your current location.  In some cases especially if you are on a corporate network, this may not be accurate as the browser might have to use an approximate location from your IP address.

Finding the closest driving range to me 1

RangeNearMe coming soon on Google Play

Coming soon on Google Play