Why should I use RangeNearMe?

If you are new to golf, RangeNearMe can help you find your nearest driving ranges, see the facilities they offer and get in touch with them.  If you are already a golfer, RangeNearMe helps you work out whether and when you can squeeze in a practice session at your nearest or favourite driving range.

You can also search for somewhere new or different with specific features such as grass teeing areas, short game areas or mini putt.

Can I use RangeNearMe anywhere?

Anywhere in Australia and New Zealand – if Apple Maps can find your location, RangeNearMe can find your nearest driving range.  Other countries are planned, let us know which ones you want.

Where do the driving time estimates and routes come from?

RangeNearMe uses Apple Maps to find routes from your current (or saved) locations to the selected driving range, and estimates of the driving times. You can get the detailed directions from the Apple Maps app by selecting the car icons.

Do I need an Account to use RangeNearMe?

No, just download the free app and open it up to find your nearest driving range and how far away you are from a practice session.  (Make sure you give permission for RangeNearMe to use your current location!)

Where does the weather information come from?

Weather data and sunset, sunrise times are sourced from Forecast.io and it’s well worth checking them out.

What’s in the upgraded version?

Upgrading RangeNearMe will give you an ad-free experience and the ability to save more than one custom location (e.g. home, work). In fact as many as you like.  You can then see driving directions and estimated times from your selected custom locations.

I’m an owner of a driving range or practice facility – how do we get included in this app?

As long as it’s a facility that is open to the general golfing public, we would love to have you included -click here to get in touch.

I’ve noticed some of the driving range information needs to be updated, who do I contact?

Please use the feedback button  on the map snapshot picture for the range within the app, or click here to email  us the details.

I’ve got some suggestions for improvements, where can I send them?

Fantastic! We welcome feedback and any suggestions for improvements – click here to email us.

Where can I get help or support?

Click here to email support.